Custom Training program

These programs are custom made for you and the fastest and best way to reach your goals. The program has 3 parts, each part progresses from the previous part so that you can see and follow your own progression. The program lasts between 12-20 weeks depending on many days are in your personalized split and how many days you take off.

The program will be designed to turn your weaknesses into strengths and reach your goals as fast and efficient as possible. We can design programs suited to many different goals such as: Muscle building size increase, Fat loss, muscle toning, improved sports performances, or bodybuilder fitness athlete programs for athletes that are preparing for a show.

The custom Training program comes with:

  • Training split
  • Mind and knowledge goals
  • Physical goals
  • Performance goals
  • Explanation of common words and expressions used in weight lifting
  • Warm up suggestions (Client specific)
  • Stretching suggestions (Client specific)
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    The custom Training program goalĀ  needs to be specific. Depending on what outcome you wish we can create diets examples such as:

    • Weight loss & toning
    • Build muscle mass
    • Increase strength
    • Improve endurance
    • Improve athletic performance
    • Compete in fitness show

    The custom training program works best when supplemented with one of these services: Online coaching, custom diet, measurements & accountability or athlete coaching.

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