What happens in the consultation?

In the consultation you get an informal opportunity to meet us in person. Then we go through the following steps:

  • Movement analysis.
  • Body composition screening with measurements for body fat.
  • Sit down and talk about the results and what they mean.
  • Discuss your goals and which products will be most suited for you and how we can reach them as fast as possible with as little effort as possible.

Who is the consultation for?

The consultation is great for someone who:

  • Want to improve their health and fitness, but don't know where to start.
  • Has tried going to classes/ taking courses but can never find something that effectively gives them the end result they are looking for.
  • Is tired of testing new diets and training methods and just wants results already.
  • Is ready to put in the work with the correct tools in their tool box.

Who should not sign up for the consultation

This consultation is not great for:

  • Someone who is looking for a magic quick fix. (There is none)
  • Someone who is not willing to sacrifice some time and effort to meet their goals.
  • Someone who is unwilling to make a change in their life and routine.

What is a movement analysis?

In a movement analysis we analyse how your posture looks like in important positions and during multi joint movements. From this we can assess your strengths, weaknesses, muscle dominances, tightnesses or asymmetry in your muscle/skeletal system. Muscle dominances or strong tightness in certain muscle groups commonly cause pain or discomfort in neck muscles and and especially  your lower back. Muscle dominance or tightness can also prevent you from growing certain other muscles effectively.

two typical examples if this is quad dominance linked with hip flexor tightness that makes it hard to effectively activate and grow the glute muscle, and tight anterior shoulder muscles and traps making growth of the chest muscles limited.

When we address these issues through corrective exercise, stretching, treatment and a good training program you will be on a fast track to your desired physique goals.

What is a Body composition screening?

When we do a body composition screening we take a number of measurements to find out how much body fat and lean muscle mass you have. We use a top of the line accurate Fat caliper and tape measurements to get your numbers.

When we have these numbers we can analyse how far you are from your goals and what will be the most effective way to get there. What type of training and dieting will be optimal for your body.

The consultations costs 20$ and is paid in person with a credit card or cash or to Venmo account: @grindordie or Paypal account [email protected] unless you have a free coupon.The consultation ends with a personalized recommendation of our products that are tailored to help you reach your goals in the best way possible. No strings attached, If you need time to think after the consultation your can always come back at a later time, so please get in touch with us today to schedule a completely consultation.

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