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About Godbody

Godbody & Grind or die was created in February 2015 by Santa Monica native, Rod “Mr. Godbody” Crayton who carried his fitness inspiration from being an all-around athlete since the age of nine. Having played football, baseball and basketball.
In between his organized sports seasons, Rod continued his conditioning with calisthenics, weight training and track and field.

The vision of Godbody & Grind or Die derived from the unfortunate passing of Rod’s mom who suffered from pancreatic cancer and heart failure at the age of 67.

Rod used the pain from the loss of his mom, as well as her encouragement before her passing, to become a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), so that he could provide a healthy lifestyle for not only himself and his family, but for men, women and children who seek assistance with fitness, nutrition and wellness.

Father of two

Rod is a father of two sons, Rodney Jr. (17) and Ryan (14), who have inspired Rod even further to create a successful lifestyle, so he can set an example of hard work, determination and strength for them.

Rod was the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Santa Monica Vikings Youth Football program from 2007-2014. In which the coaches, players and parents have credited much of the physical and mental strength and confidence to Rod. Who assisted the team to win the American Youth Football League National Championship in 2009 and 2014.

Helping youth

In 2016, Godbody & Grind or Die received the honor of collaborating with the Pico Youth and Family Center, founded by Rod’s childhood friend, Oscar de la Torre. With their partnership and assistance from corporate sponsorships, Godbody & Grind or Die provides personal fitness training sessions, as well as mentorship programs for the underprivileged youth and community of the Santa Monica area.

Rod and Godbody & Grind or Die look forward to continuing the efforts in supporting and improving the lives of the youth through confidence building and self-development. Rod hopes that through his philanthropic efforts, he will be able to share his story of perseverance and inspire others facing hard times to do the same.

Rod is a NASM Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, who is CPR and First Aid certified through the American Red Cross, as well as a Film Editor who received his Associate degree in the Science of Film with Honors in 2013, from the Los Angeles Film School.

Rod is committed to creating a fitness movement that will empower men, women and kids both physically and mentally, and assist them in setting fitness goals, achieving them and building confidence from the inside out.