Personal Training

No gym membership required!

Personal training sessions are our most sold and perfected service. We teach you the "Mind-Body-connection" that is so essential for optimal muscle growth that will deliver training sessions with an awareness and sensation like no other. It's a mindset and a way of living. We offer In-Person private session, and group sessions at our locations in Venice. *We can also travel to your location. (*Only for certain Los Angeles areas). Read more about that by clicking on this link.

If you want visible results you have come to the right place, we use the strategies and techniques from bodybuilding to sculpt your dream body. And we also offer personal training session in collaboration with one of the best and most legendary bodybuilding trainers in the World: The Charles Glass. These sessions are priced differently through Charles and are held at the "Mekka of Bodybuilding" Golds Gym in Venice. This is where a lot of the best athletes and bodybuilders in the world train. And here a gym membership is required to train.

We also do session at a smaller private personal trainer gym located at 1411 Lincoln Blvd C, 90291 Venice. Only trainers and their clients are allowed at this gym which creates a more private session. You don't need a gym membership to do you sessions here.

1 on 1 sessions

  • Professional demonstration of exercises.
  • Learn how to use various machines, dumbbells, barbells.
  • How to choose correct resistance, number of reps and sets for maximum results.
  • Learn correct and safe movements.
  • Learn which exercises to choose to see results in various body parts.
  • Push and motivation for more intense workouts.

Group Sessions

Want to workout with a buddy or two? Group sessions is a great way to get a good workout in while at the same time spend some time with a buddy or two and save a few bucks in one go! This personal training sessions is for 2 + people. Strength or circle HIIT training. More than 3 is for park training only.
2 persons: 50 $ each a 55 min
3 persons: 40 $ each a 55 min
4+ persons: 35 $ each a 55 min

For these sessions you can pay in person with a check, credit card or Venmo.

Various other services

Service Price
Posing session 25 min 45 $
Posing session 50 min 80$
Single fascia treatment 50$
Foam rolling lesson 30 min 50$
Stretching lesson 50$
Single fat caliper M. 25$

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