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Personal training

Rodney Crayton is Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Rod “Mr. Godbody” Crayton has a strong athletic background himself. Since the age of nine having played football, baseball and basketball. In between his organized sports seasons, Rod continued his conditioning with calisthenics, weight training and track and field.

1 on 1 Sessions
Personal training sessions with professional demonstration of exercises. Learn correct and safe movements and how to maximize your progress and get the push and motivation you need. Get started on your fitness journey today with 1-1 sessions with personal trainer Rod.
Sessions are 75$ a 55 min.


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Group sessions
Want to workout with a buddy or two? Group sessions is a great way to get a good workout in while at the same time spend some time with a buddy or two and save a few bucks in one go! This personal training sessions is for 2 + people. Strength or circle HIIT training. More than 3 is for park training only.
2 persons: 45 $ each a 55 min
3 persons: 40 $ each a 55 min
4+ persons: 35 $ each a 55 min

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Other services and discounts
Learn how to do pull-ups and muscle-ups like a champion:
Muscle beach sessions 50$ for 60 min

Learn how to foamroll and stretch properly: 60 min session 60$

We offer posing practice for competitors preparing for a show, all categories: Men’s physique, Bikini fitness, Classic Physique, Figure, Bodybuilding, women’s physique.
Posing practice 50$ 30 min
Posing practice 90$ 60 min

Purchase pre-made programs

Special deals

Film & training Combo Only 200$
Get a great workout and a bad ass video to post in your social media. Here´s whats included:
60 min personal training session
1 min fully edited workout video of you with effects.
Music of your choice
Ready to post file with instructions and suggestions for posting and hashtags.

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Custom diet & training program combo
Order the custom diet and training program combo now to save 100$! Valued at 400$ (200+200) for only 300$
Here´s whats included:
Custom training program optimized for your goals and body.
Custom diet designed to fit your taste, goals and schedule.
3 Months of online progress check ups and alterations. To keep you on track and moving toward your goals.

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10x 1 on 1 sessions 700$
Pay for 10 session now and get free personalized training program.

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Custom Training programs

Conditioning Program


Per program
  • Weight loss optimized
  • Body Sculpting guidance
  • Speed and Agility

These programs will be tailored to fit your goals, your nearby facilities and schedule. We will custom design it to make it easy for your to reach your goal.

Athlete programs


Per program
  • Bodybuilder
    or Fitness competitor program.
  • Resistance program to aid your sports performance. Example:
    Football, combative, swimming etc.
  • *Posing practice 3×30 min posing practice or stretch routine included.

These programs will be tailored to fit your physique, strength and weaknesses to help you optimize your progress and performance.
* Posing practice or stretch routine is only given if your live in our proximity and can travel to Santa Monica & Venice.

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Use this box to tell us about any injuries, pains, movements you have problems with or concerns you might have regarding your health. Tell us about any special requests, also you end goal.

After submitting please allow 2-3 business days to receive confirmation and information about further progress, your package, plan and payment options.

Apply for Team G-Body here!

Team G-body is a team of Godbody and goddess body athletes.
As a part of the Team you get a number of benefits.

Team G-body OFF-SEASON


Per Month
  • Online monthly progress check up with diet alterations
  • personal training sessions for only 50$ $
  • Posing practice sessions for only 35$ @ 30 min
  • Discounts on all Godbody and Grind or Die apparel

Team G-body On-season


Per Month
  • Online weekly progress check up with diet alterations
  • Special custom Peak Week diet and training program
  • personal training sessions for only 45 $
  • Posing practice sessions for only 35$ @ 30 min
  • Discounts on all Godbody and Grind or Die apparel

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