Trainer comes to you!

Personal training sessions where we travel to you.
If you have an excellent home/apartment building gym or a very busy schedule, but you still want high quality training sessions, this is  the thing for you. For selected clients in Los Angeles area like Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice, Culver City, Playa Del Rey, and Marina Del Rey we travel to you and your gym to do your sessions.

Pricing depends on where you live and how long it takes us to travel from our locations in Venice and Santa Monica to you. It is based on our regular pricing with a travel fee added.

This can also be a great option if you have a great gym in your building that you wish to use but you are unsure of how to use the equipment and you wish to learn how to use it and also wish want a training plan customized to the equipment you have available.

Some requirements need to be met in order to order these sessions.

  1. Traveling distance cannot exceed 1 hour with traffic with car.
  2. Your chosen gym must allow outside trainers to do paid sessions there.
  3. Timing: Sessions must be scheduled at earliest 5.30 AM and latest 8.PM. Also sessions in the rush hour window between 3-5 PM can only be booked in  special circumstances.

Use the form below to request a quote for sessions performed in your gym.

    Tell us about where you would like to perform your training sessions, what equipment you have available and what your goal is and we will get back to you with a quote shortly.