Shelf butt Glute workout

This workout focuses on the muscles that builds volume in the top part of your glutes.

Start with a light warm up of 10 min on slow speed on the stair master.

  • Hip thrust in smith machine 4 sets 10-16 reps. Push knees apart drive up with hips. Don’t allow any movement in lower back, keep it tight and still.
  • Kneeling kick backs on bench. 4 sets 12-20 reps on each leg. Attach foot to ankle strap at bottom of a cable, use light weight resistance, place a bench close to the cable rack, rest one knee and elbows/hands on bench while the other leg kicks back and up ad outwards for a mean glute pump.
  • Standing cable dead lifts 4 sets 12-18 reps
  • Wide legpress 4 sets 8- 16 reps For this one you need to be flexible. place the back-support of the legpress up high, place your feet high and wide on the plattform and let each rep be as deep as possible all the way until your knees are up by your shoulders or almost past, make sure your lower back does not come off the seat, and push up using the glute muscles. Mind to muscle connection is important here.
  • Sumo kettle bell squats 5 sets x 15-20 reps
  • Hip abductor leaning forwards 4 sets 15-25 reps.