Order the custom diet and training program combo for 300$ and save 100$!

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Here´s whats included:

Custom training program optimized for your goals and body.
Custom diet designed to fit your taste, goals and schedule.
3 Months of online progress check ups and alterations to keep you on track and moving toward your goals.

Use the form below to request the custom diet and training program combo:

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Tell us what you normally eat

Please give us an example of what you would typically eat on a normal week day, and (if different) what you would eat on a weekend day.
Example: Breakfast: 4 pieces of toast with jam, lunch: chicken salad, dinner: spaghetti bolognaise (big portion) snacks: Protein shake, banana, handful of almonds, iced latté. On weekends I loose all control: Breakfast at Denny's: Giant plate of pancakes with bacon and syrup, lunch: pizza and soda, dinner: All you can eat buffét at Sizzlers, 8 drinks at the bar, burrito and tub of ice cream before bed. (Be honest or we can´t help you correctly)

Tell us what Foods you prefer/don´t like

Please provide us with some intel to foods you like and don´t like to eat. (So we can make the diet to your taste and liking as much as possible.) Example: I like rice, potatoes, bread, chicken, beef, salmon, tilapia, berries, apples, avocados, brokkoli and ice cream. I don´t like quinoa, jams, cod, cabbage or pickles.

Tell us about your activity level

Use this box to tell us about your activity level during a typical weekday and a weekend/day off. And also how many times a week you workout now, and what you usually do during the workout.
Example: Workday: I work at the post office, I carry boxes around and sort mail; 8 hour work day, sit for half of it. After work I drive home and play video games or workout. During the weekend I go shopping, hiking and go out drinking or partying, but mostly I relax. I workout 2-4 times a week: 1-hour hiking trail or Yoga lessons

Allergies and injuries, etc

Use this box to tell us about any allergies, special requests, or concerns you might have regarding your diet. Please also inform us about any injuries, pains, movements you have problems with or concerns you might have regarding your health. Let us know about any special requests and your end goal.

After submitting please allow 2-3 business days to receive confirmation and information about further progress, your package, plan and payment options.